Professional Development Course For Visual Artists

professional development


This course will address various issues artists are confronted with when seeking development of portfolios and greater exposure for their artwork. This course will cover
topics that will encourage developing portfolios through effective writing, professional documentation and marketing artwork. This course can be designed to fit within 3 – 5 days, dependant upon how in‐depth participants would like to go.

Instructor Costs Include
Student Requirements


Day OneDay Two/ThreeDay Four/Five
How to get Started

  • Introductions
  • Reading materials that include advice for
    starting your art career, etc.
  • Glossaries for Art Terminologies
  • Inventory, taxes, invoice basics
  • Organization: Electronic documents and
    studio work

Materials Provided

  • Glossaries
  • How to get started articles
  • Templates for inventory, invoices, taxes
  • Presentation: “How to get organized!”
Writing & Documentation

  • CV/resume, artist statement, proposal statement & press release
  • How To Apply for grants, residencies, public art & galleries/stores
  • Budget, timeline basics
  • Photographing artwork, labeling images

Materials Provided

  • Basic outlines/examples for CV/etc
  • Contact lists for funding agencies, programs, galleries
  • Application forms for 1 grant and 1 gallery
  • Presentation: “Public art, grants and galleries!”
Marketing & final review

  • Marketing: contact lists, newsletters, social media, websites, logos, packaging, etc.
  • Review of student draft proposals for grants/gallery applications.

Materials Provided

    • Basic how to examples
    • Presentation: “Newsletters, websites,social media & packaging!”
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